Release Notes

The release notes lists changes, enhancements and new functions of every version. Please note, that you can download the latest version for your license by entering your serial number within the download area on the BarcodeOCR website.

BarcodeOCR 18.4.2 from 12.12.2018


  • Improved: File size of Tiff files now automatically optimized (server operating systems only)

  • Changed: configurations are now displayed sorted alphabetically (A-Z)

  • Changed: The service is not restarted after a configuration has been changed if it was stopped before

  • Changed: Main window of BarcodeOCR can now be enlarged vertically

  • Fixed: On some systems, a problem with the software license can occur after a certain use

  • Fixed: Values for "Threshold" under "ADVANCED" are overwritten when a work instruction is edited again.

BarcodeOCR 18.3.3 from 26.09.2018


  • New: Support of Aztec barcodes
  • New: Separation option "Separate stacks independently of barcodes into partial stacks with n pages (barcodes will still be considered when renaming)".
  • Changed: If processing of a file is aborted due to the processing limit, the file is now stored as "TIMEOUT" instead of "CORRUPT_FILE
  • Changed Limit of processing: Limit of processing of a file increased from 15 minutes to 60 minutes (with option under ADVANCED for increase 90 minutes or deactivation)
  • Modified: Also, breaks within the barcode are replaced by the function "Replace NTFS non-compliant characters".
  • Improved: Intelligent Mail Barcode Recognition
  • Improved: Recognition of Interleaved 2of5 barcodes
  • Fixed an error in the user interface: Error in the user interface when selecting subfolder generation
  • Fixed: Tiff file is not saved in error folder
  • Fixed: Reading problems with TIFF files where frame pages do not contain metadata
  • Fixed: Problems with passing special characters in the name of the work instruction to downstream .bat scripts
  • Fixed: Subfolders are not created when processing a one-sided image
  • Fixed: JPEG graphics with the file extension .jpeg instead of .jpg are ignored
  • Fixed. Error messages for PowerShell scripts in the log: Error messages for PowerShell scripts in log, although no script should be executed according to configuration
  • Fixed: Service was not restarted automatically in rare cases despite clicking "Restart

BarcodeOCR 18.2.3 from 04.05.2018


  • New: Custom OCR settings can now be set via work instructions

  • Fixed: Error in the user interface

  • Fixed: Cleaning of the temporary folder caused an error on some systems and the input file was not deleted

  • Fixed: Page number in PowerShell script or the info xml does not match recognized text if the input document has more than 50 pages

BarcodeOCR 18.2.1 from 05.04.2018


  • Fixed: Subfolder is not created if the complete content of the barcode is to be used as subfolder

  • Fixed: When using the PowerShell script, when using a counter variable, it is incorrectly incremented

  • Fixed: Downstream application may not start if special characters are contained in the barcode name

BarcodeOCR 18.1.4 from 22.03.2018


  • New: Powershell: NumberOfRemovedPages parameter, which passes the number of pages removed by blank page detection

  • Fixed: Powershell: NumberOfPages parameter has the wrong number of pages if blank page detection already removed pages

  • Fixed: End date of maintenance is displayed incorrectly formatted for some licenses

BarcodeOCR 18.1.3 from 28.02.2018


  • New: Support of the "Essentials"subscription

  • Fixed: Blank page detection does not remove documents with a factor of 0.

  • Fixed: If the first page of a batch is recognized as a blank page, an error may occur when saving if the target document has only one page.

BarcodeOCR 18.1.2 from 23.02.2017


  • New: Support for subscriptions

  • Fixed: In individual cases, in case of a defective PDF file, the input file is deleted during the saving process instead of being moved to the error folder as a "Corrupt_File".

  • Fixed: Problems with fonts of processed files saved as PDF files by Microsoft Word

  • Changed: Demo version without watermark can now process 5000 pages per month

BarcodeOCR 18.1.1 from 18.01.2017


  • Fixed: Problems with trial version with special license key of support

  • Fixed: PowerShell for determining the file name is ignored without subfolder variable

  • Fixed: Error in the user interface

  • Improved: Internal optimizations for upcoming updates

  • Improved: Recognition of QR codes with a logo (design QR codes)

  • Improved: Incompatible files remain in the input folder and are not moved to the error folder as incompatible files.

BarcodeOCR 17.4.1 from 17.11.2017


  • New: Support for calling PowerShell scripts as a downstream application with advanced information (Enterprise only)
  • Improved: Optimal utilization of existing CPU cores for text recognition (new option under "Advanced)
  • Improved: Handling meta data in PDF files
  • Improved: Error messages regarding subfolders are now displayed in the error log
  • Improved: English translation
  • Improved: Tab characters are also recognized as "illegal"characters and removed/replaced
  • Fixed: Problems with recognition of barcodes within single-sided. tiff documents
  • Fixed: Problems with selection and transfer to the downstream application "per input file".

BarcodeOCR 17.3.2 from 28.07.2017


  • Enhanced: Faster processing of files, if the target resolution should be changed
  • Fixed: Problems while resizing the UI in step "RENAMING"
  • Fixed: Problems while recognizing text on files with hundreds of pages
  • Fixed: The character " will now be replacing when using the "replace illegal NTFS characters" feature
  • Fixed: When using the area filtering, valid barcodes could be excluded

BarcodeOCR 17.3.1 from 12.07.2017


  • New: Creating sub folder and sort files into these folders dynamically (based on script, only Enterprise)
  • New: Set a custom file when sorting files into sub folders (using a script, only Enterprise)
  • New: Creating sub folder and sort files into these folders dynamically (based on predefined templates, Standard edition and above)
  • Enhanced: "Replace characters in barcodes" is able to replace spaces
  • Enhanced: Default installation now includes sample scripts

BarcodeOCR 17.2.7 from 04.07.2017


  • New: Alternative Barcode-Recognition for better recognition results using Barcode-Fonts
  • Enhanced: Recognition Code 128
  • Enhanced: Recognition Code 39 and Code 39 Extended
  • Enhanced: Recognition QR-Barcodes
  • Enhanced: Recognition DataMatrix-Barcodes
  • Enhanced: Performance optimizations while recognizing Barcodes
  • Fixed: Problems in the UI (Regarding OCR section)
  • Fixed: Renaming signed or certified PDF-documents might break the existing digital signature
  • Fixed: Problems using the trial on specific operating systems

BarcodeOCR 17.2.6 from 24.06.2017


  • New: New parameter for renaming: file counter per configuration (%LOCALCOUNTER%)
  • New: New parameter for renaming: file counter per BarcodeOCR installation (%GLOBALCOUNTER%)
  • New: New parameter for renaming: page count of the output file (%PGCNT%)
  • New: Replace Text within the barcodes
  • New: Notification while starting the application when a new update is available
  • New: 'Check for Updates'-Button
  • Enhanced: Converting of PDF files into PDF/A Standard
  • Enhanced: License won't be reset when restoring a backed up configuration
  • Enhanced: If the file could not converted into PDF/A standard, a log entry within the error log will be written
  • Enhanced: Info if the maintenance expires within the next 45 days
  • Fixed: Problems with the license after installing Version 17.x

BarcodeOCR 17.2.5 from 18.05.2017


  • Fixed: UI problems

BarcodeOCR 17.1.1 from 01.02.2017


  • New: Empty pages can now be removed from the destination document (BETA)

  • New: Support for splitting tiff pages with multiple pages

  • New: pdf file format can now be defined for output documents

  • New: Info.xml file now contains the recognized text from OCR

  • Enhanced: Performance optimizations
  • Enhanced: Activation
  • Fixed: Wrong splitting within the error folder using the split option "Documents comprise a start page and the subsequent pages with the same barcode as a mandatory requirement"
  • Fixed: UI problems

BarcodeOCR from 01.02.2017


  • Enhanced: Text recognition for special characters
  • Fixed: Error while saving the settings for the "downstream application"
  • Fixed: Translation errors

BarcodeOCR from 09.12.2016


  • New: Text recognition and creation of searchable documents (OCR)
  • New: Automatic alignment of the input pages based on reading direction
  • New: Converting input documents to specific resolutions (DPI)
  • New: Converting input documents to B/W docuemnts and compressing using CCITT Group 4 algorithm
  • New: Existing configurations can now be cloned
  • Enhanced: Recognition of DataMatrix barcodes
  • Enhanced: Recognition of QR-Code barcodes
  • Enhanced: Performance optimizations
  • Enhanced: Processing of network files
  • Enhanced: Info-Xml-File now contains the path to the backuped input file
  • Fixed: Certified documents may not be saved with a digital signature
  • Fixed: Problems when processing DIN-A0 images

BarcodeOCR from 12.08.2016


  • New: Text within Barcodes can now be replaced
  • Fixed: An error while importing settings to BarcodeOCR

BarcodeOCR from 17.06.2016


  • Fixed: Problems processing some PDF-A compatible files

  • Enhanced: File size of processed pdf files

  • New Options: Launch a downstream application once for each input file

BarcodeOCR from 12.04.2016


  • Enhanced: Repair of incompatible files

  • Fixed: Pages may not be deleted from signed documents

  • Fixed: General UI errors

BarcodeOCR from 06.04.2016


  • New: Documents can be digitally signed
  • New: Option: Repair PDF documents
  • Enhanced: Recognition of Barcodes within documents
  • Enhanced: Faster processing using multiple processing cores
  • Enhanced: using timestamp renaming option, millisecounds will be formattet to three digits
  • Fixed: Problems using digital certificates generated by Adobe Acrobat
  • Fixed: General UI errors
  • Fixed: Problems replacing illegal characters within file name
  • Fixed: Problems processing large files

BarcodeOCR from 25.01.2016


  • Added and Fixed: Support for creating multiple documents for one page, if the page contains more than one valid document

BarcodeOCR from 12.01.2016


  • New: If there is more than one valid barcode, the document can be saved for each valid barcode

  • New. The limit on recognition time per File can be disabled
  • Enhanced: DataMatrix recognition is more accurate
  • Fixed: General UI errors

BarcodeOCR from 13.11.2015


  • Fixed: documents without barcodes may be saved twice within the output folder

BarcodeOCR from 12.11.2015


  • New: The output and error folder may be a subfolder of a incoming folder
  • Fixed: Input files may not be deleted if processed by the duplex split option
  • Fixed: documents without barcodes may be saved twice within the output folder

BarcodeOCR from 11.11.2015


  • New: Better recognition of Code 39 barcodes
  • Fixed: Error in UI, that prevented changes within the split options under specific circumstances.

BarcodeOCR from 21.10.2015


  • New: Documents within the error folder will also be digitally signed, compressed and and encrypted
  • New: Better recognition of Code 128 barcodes
  • New: Increased performance while recognizing barcodes and processing pdf documents
  • Fixed: Documents may be saved with multiple file extensions
  • Fixed: Invalid metadata within the documents may produce an error
  • Fixed: Problem saving a document within the pdf-a standard
  • Fixed: Problems launching external applications
  • Fixed: Reading DataMatrix and Code 128 Barcodes

BarcodeOCR from 29.07.2015


  • Fixed: Problems with the activation when updating from a previous version
  • Fixed: Documents in the error folder my be duplicated under specific circumstances

BarcodeOCR from 16.07.2015


  • Fixed: To large output files
  • Fixed: No launch of downstream application of the input file was a .jpg-file
  • Fixed: The path of other graphic files was not passed to the downstream application
  • Fixed: Files are saved twice when using "Split to single pages"

BarcodeOCR from 30.06.2015


  • new function: certify documents with a compatible pfx certficate
  • new function: convert documents to a pdf-a compatible format for long-term archiving
  • new function: support for multiple multicore processors for faster processing of documents
  • new function: encryption of output documents
  • new function: compression of documents for smaller output size
  • new function: create a copy of each input file in a separate folder
  • new function: support for different text encodings
  • new function: filter barcodes based on location
  • new function: split documents based on two same barcodes on consecutive pages (duplex)
  • added support for checksums in barcodes
  • added support for checksums in barcodes
  • optimized speed and recognition quote of the following barcode types: PDF417, Code 93, Code 39, Code 128, Inter 2of5
  • fixed some error in the UI
  • solved some problems monitoring directories with specific scanners
  • faster recognition and processing of barcodes and documents
  • optimization in service and protocol

BarcodeOCR from 23.03.2015


  • Better recognition of Code 128, Code 39, QR-Code or Inter2of5-Barcodes
  • Optimized repairing and converting of incompatible files
  • Optimized the performance of recognizing barcodes
  • Fixed some possible problems concerning the recongition of documents on network shares.
  • Support for more pdf file formats
  • Fixed some display problems within the error log
  • Incompatible or corrupted documents that couldn’t be repaired automatically will be moved to error folder
  • Some minor UI improvements

BarcodeOCR from 23.05.2014


  • Fixed problem in reading PDF files with large size embedded images
  • Bug fix in QR code decoding
  • Recognition improvements of Interleaved 2of5 barcodes with checksum
  • Regular Expressions now may contain pipe characters
  • Minor UI Changes

BarcodeOCR from 23.05.2014


  • Improved logging of events
  • Archiving of old log files
  • DataMatrix barcodes recognition accuracy improvements
  • Recogntion accuaracy adjustments for Code 39 barcodes
  • Problem with reading PDF document in A0 format is fixed
  • Bug is fixed in QR codes decoding
  • The Data Matrix barcodes recognition speed is increased up to 30%.
  • Support for regular expressions within filters
  • Improved detection of temporary scanner files
  • Blacklisting of files if they are not processed and the service needs to restart
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed some minor UI problems

BarcodeOCR from 28.11.2013


  • Support of newer PDF-File formats (version 1.5 and newer)
  • Automatic repair of incorrrect documents before processing
  • New Option: Set a Quiet-Zone for the recognition
  • Minor changes to the UI

BarcodeOCR from 25.04.2013


  • Using the option “Document stack not separated” you can specify to analyze the whole document
  • Minor changes to the UI

BarcodeOCR from 12.02.2013


  • Recognition Code39 Extended, Pharmacode and MicroQR-Code
  • Minor bugfixes

BarcodeOCR from 27.09.2012


  • Recognition of cyrillic barcodes
  • Changes for the external application to support new parameters
  • Changes to the UI

BarcodeOCR from 30.11.2012


  • New and simpler UI
  • Import and export for configurations (not compatible with 3.x configurations
  • Easier Licensing
  • New Setup

BarcodeOCR 3.4.1 from 25.06.2011


  • Last Release